Trouble Opening the App on Apple Watch

Sylvio LeBlanc -

Certain users are reporting that they are not able to open the app on their Apple Watch.  They only see the app's icon with a spinning white wheel.

It seems like the app tries to open and after a few seconds of seeing the icon and the spinning white circle, the app closes (crashes).

Most users have been able to resolve this issue by holding the side button for 5 seconds, powering off their Apple Watch and restarting it up again.

We are in the process of investigating to see how we can resolve the issue.


  • Some users have had to also restart their iPhone.
  • A few users have had to uninstall and reinstall the app from their Apple Watch.  
    1. Open the “Apple Watch” app  .
    2. Tap on the "MY WATCH" tab.
    3. Find and tap on the "MotiFIT" app.
    4. Enable "SHOW ON APPLE WATCH".
  • Before uninstalling the app from your iPhone, it's important that you signup for a MotiFIT cloud account at the top of the MORE tab in order to backup your workout data and prevent data loss.
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