Why Are My Pace, Distance, Speed and Route Not Being Recorded?

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For indoor workouts on a treadmill or spin cycle, we recommend using the MotiFIT app since it does not try to use GPS to track your pace, distance, speed and route.

For workouts tracked using Apple Watch, your distance will be estimated by your watch.

Please see the following article from Apple for tips about ensuring that your watch has been properly calibrated to ensure optimal distance estimates.

Calibrating your Apple Watch for improved Workout and Activity accuracy




Both the MotiFIT Run and MotiFIT Ride apps support pace, speed, distance and route tracking.

You can track all those metrics using your iPhone's GPS or an Apple Watch (Series 2) with built-in GPS.

If you have an Apple Watch or Apple Watch (Series 1), you will need to bring your iPhone along with you on your run, walk or ride to track your pace, distance, speed and route.  Those devices do not have a built-in GPS and will need to rely on your iPhone's GPS signal.  

It's also important that Bluetooth communication is enabled on both devices to ensure that there's an active communication channel.



In order to track your pace, speed, distance and route, MotiFIT apps need your permission to access that information from your device.

If you're having trouble, please ensure that you have given the app access to track your location [While Using the App].

On iPhone:

  • Open the SETTINGS app.

  • Tap on the PRIVACY > LOCATION SERVICES > MotiFIT Run / Ride.
  • Allow Location Access with [While Using the App].


  • If MotiFIT Run / Ride is not listed under your SETTINGS > PRIVACY > LOCATION SERVICES, you will need to reinstall the app and ensure you tap on AUTHORIZE button during the initial setup wizard.



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