Section 9: Help & Support

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The MotiFIT support team is always there to help if you have problems or questions about the app.  You can reach us from within the app by tapping on the Help / Support / FAQ option in the “MORE” tab under “CONNECT WITH US”.

9.1 FAQ

The FAQ section is helpful when you are experiencing known issues.  It also contains general information that you might not know about the app.  We recommend going through this section before using the app.

9.2 Community Forums

There is also a Community section on our website that allows you to communicate with other MotiFIT users and the app developer.  This section is divided into four sections: Development, Help and Support, Know Issues and Health and Fitness.

Each section also has its own subsections.  The subsections contain posts from the app developer.  The posts can include questions to the users, alerts on bug fixes, success stories, etc.  There is also a Q&A section where the users can ask a question and get an answer from the app developer.

9.3 Debug Logging

Due to the ever evolving nature of software development, it is possible for issues to appear in our app.  If you notice something wrong and you would like us to investigate, you can send us your app’s debug logs for analysis.

This is where you enable debug logs if you are having issues with the app.  It is important to note that the debug logs have to be “ON” while the problem occurred for information about the issue to be logged.  However, if you are not troubleshooting an issue, we recommend that you “DISABLE” the “DEBUG LOGS” to ensure that the app runs as fast as possible.

When enabled, debug logs write messages that help troubleshoot problems within the app. 

NOTE: When you turn “OFF” the debug logging, it erases all logs from your device. 

9.3.1 Enabling Debug Logs:

On iPhone:
1. Open the “MotiFIT” app. 
2. Tap on the “MORE” tab.
3. Scroll to the bottom.
4. Enable the “DEBUG LOGS” option.

On Apple Watch:
1. Open the “MotiFIT” app. 
2. Tap on the “MORE” button.
3. Tap on “DEBUG LOGS”
4. Ensure that the Debug Logs are ON at the top

9.3.2 Sending Debug Logs:

After producing the problem, please do the following.

On Apple Watch:
1. Open the “MotiFIT” app. 
2. Tap on the “MORE” tab.
3. Tap on “DEBUG LOGS”.
4. Tap on “SEND TO IPHONE”.

On iPhone:
1. Open the “MotiFIT” app. 
2. Tap on the “MORE” tab.
3. Tap on “SEND DEBUG LOGS”.


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