Section 2: Workout Tracking

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2.1 Starting your workout

The first thing you should do is to make sure that your heart rate appears at the top of the screen.  If there isn’t a heart rate reading, give the sensors a few seconds to do their readings before getting started.  Once you see your heart rate, you can proceed and choose a workout type.

2.2 During your workout

When you are in your workout, there are four screens that you can navigate through.  Simply swipe right or left on the face of the watch to change screens.

The sensors can sometimes be prone to inaccuracies when you are in workout since your wrist is constantly in movement.  Here is a list of tips and tricks on how to improve the accuracy of the heart rate read from Apple Watch.


First and foremost, the sensors need direct skin contact, so, make sure you wear it under your shirt with the watch on top of your arm.  The recommended fit is snug, but comfortable.


It is important to note that skin perfusion is different for different people and that the quality of your skin’s blood flow affects the accuracy of the readings on Apple Watch.  For some people, the sensor is prone to inaccuracies.


Coldness will reduce your blood flow, consequently reducing the accuracy of the heart rate sensor.



The less your wrist moves, the more accurate the readings will be.  If you know your workout involves a lot of wrist movement, tighten the strap accordingly.



If you are not happy with the accuracy of the watch’s optical heart rate monitor, you can always connect your watch to an external Bluetooth heart rate monitor for more precise readings.  For more information, please refer to our “iphone / ipad app user guide”

2.2.1 Heart Rate Halo

MotiFIT is all about visually helping you keep track of your workout metrics.

Our unique heart rate halo shows you three things in REAL-TIME.

  1. The Inner Ring displays the workout’s Average Heart Rate.
  2. The Middle Ring displays your current Heart Rate.
  3. The Outer Ring displays the workout’s Maximum Heart Rate

This screen shows you your heart rate and your burned caloriesThe heart rate halo also allows you to quickly compare your current heart rate with your maximum and average heart rate.  The rings are great visual aids that allow you to analyse your heart rate without having to stop your workout.


NOTE: Tapping on your current heart rate will change the metric shown to heart rate intensity.  Tapping again will reset it to current heart rate.

2.2.2 Heart Rate Pie Chart

The second screen is the heart rate pie chart.  This screen allows you to see how your workout is spread out amongst the different heart rate zones.  This chart is useful when assessing the difficulty of a workout or when you want to do heart rate zone specific training (HIIT, circuit training, etc.).

NOTE:  Tapping on your current heart rate will change the metric shown to heart rate intensity.  Tapping again will reset it to current heart rate.


As shown in the figure above, each colour represents one zone.  The percentage shown in each colour represents the percentage of your workout that was spent in the respective zone.  For example, 59% of the workout above was spent in the warm up zone and 12% in the Endurance zone.

For more information on MotiFIT’s heart rate zones, please refer to our “IPHONE / IPAD APP USER GUIDE

2.2.3 MotiFIT Workout information

This screen shows your current workout information.  At the top of the screen, you can see the heart rate zone that you are currently working out in.  As you scroll down, you can see your burned calories, your current heart rate, your average heart rate and your max heart rate.


At the bottom is the time spent in each of the heart rate zones.  For more information on heart rate zones, please refer to the heart rate zone section in the iPhone/iPad user’s manual.

2.2.4 MotiFIT Run / Ride Workout information

The workout information screen has a few more features in MotiFIT Run and Ride than in MotiFIT.  At the top of the screen, you will see the current distance travelled.  By default, you then get your current speed in MotiFIT Ride.  You can change from current speed to average pace by tapping on the metric.

For MotiFIT Run on the other hand, it is the exact opposite.  By default, you are shown your average pace and when you tap on the metric, it changes to current speed.

The next metric is your current heart rate.  You can switch between current heart rate, average heart rate, max heart rate and percentage of max heart rate by taping on the metric.

2.3 Pausing / Finishing a Workout

The last screen is where you can pause or finish your workout.


  1. Pausing won’t end the workout but it will stop the app from monitoring your heart rate and your location until you resume it again.
  2. You can also access the pause /resume/ done menu from any screen with force touch (hard press).


Once you tap on “DONE” a summary of your workout will appear on the screen

2.3.1 MotiFIT Workout Summary

The workout summary for MotiFIT includes your burned calories, your average heart rate, your max heart rate and a small break down of how much time was spent in each zone.  


2.3.2 MotiFIT Run / Ride Workout Summary

The workout summary for MotiFIT Run and MotiFIT Ride includes your total distance travelled, your burned calories, your average heart rate, your max heart rate and a small break down of the amount of time spent in each zone.


NOTE: In MotiFIT Run you can see your average pace and in MotiFIT Ride you can see your average speed.

2.4 Saving / Discarding Your Workout

Once you are done reviewing your workout summary, you can choose to save or discard your workout at the bottom of the “SUMMARY SCREEN”.

When you tap on save, the workout information is sent to your iPhone where it will be stored into the MotiFIT database.

To review your workout, you can go to your iPhone / iPad under the “WORKOUTS” tab.

You also have a quick review of the last workout done on Apple Watch in the glances.

NOTE: For instructions on how to setup MotiFIT in your glances, please refer to the “IPHONE/IPAD APP USER GUIDE”

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