Can I use MotiFIT with my Apple Watch for swimming workouts?

Monica MacDonald -

Because the Apple Watch Series 2 is water resistant to 50 meters under ISO standards it is possible to use the Apple Watch Series 2 to track shallow water activities like swimming.

When using the Apple Watch in water with the MotiFIT app, however, the water's contact with the Apple Watch face could cause unintended readings and potentially close the app midway through active workouts. It is recommended to use the Apple Watch model's built in Water Lock function to avoid unintentionally quitting an activity.

To use the Apple Watch model's built in Water Lock feature with the MotiFIT app:

  1. Start your workout as usual using the MotiFIT app on the Apple Watch.
  2. Press the Digital Crown to return to the Watch Face.
  3. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal an options menu.
  4. Enable the Water Lock function by pressing the icon at the bottom right of the menu. Continue your workout as usual.
  5. When finished turn the Digital Crown to unlock the screen and end your workout as usual.

For more information on the water resistance of the Apple Watch please see:

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