How do I adjust the heart rate zones for HRTRIBE training?

Monica MacDonald -

MotiFIT supports the ability to adjust your heart rate zones to reflect personal preference or particular training styles. You can change the heart rate values included in each of the heart rate zones by accessing the settings through the iPhone app.

Simply click MORE to access settings and user information, then click HEART RATE INFO, and change your HEART RATE ZONES to CUSTOM. This will allow you to adjust the range of heart rates included in each of the zones.

MotiFIT also makes it easy to adjust your heart rate zones to reflect HRTRIBE training metrics. Simply follow the steps listed above, but rather than manually entering your heart rates just click the SET HRTRIBE VALUES to let MotiFIT do the calculations for you.

HRTRIBE_Step1.png          HRTRIBE_Step2_3.png

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