General Troubleshooting

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Here is a list of common MotiFIT problems and possible solutions:


My calorie burn is recorded lower than expected

Cause #1: Your settings have changed to show ACTIVE rather than TOTAL Calories.

Solution: Change your settings back to displaying TOTAL calories in MotiFIT's MORE>DATA SHARING>CALORIES TYPE section.

Cause #2: You have selected the wrong label for the type of workout you're doing (i.e. CYCLING for an indoor SPINNING workout)

Solution: Ensure that you are selecting the workout label that most closely matches the type of workout you are starting. Outdoor workouts like Cycling, Running and Walking attempt to use accelerometer and GPS data to create a more accurate calorie burn, which can cause problems when these labels are used instead of their indoor counterparts (Spinning, Treadmill, etc.)

I have purchased a membership but my app/Apple Watch is still showing my membership as 'trial'

Cause #1: Your membership has not yet synced to your device

Solution: On your MotiFIT iPhone app go to MORE>MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION and click "Restore Purchases". On your Apple Watch click MORE>MEMBERSHIP and click "Update".

Cause #2: You are not running the most recent version of MotiFIT, MotiFIT Run or MotiFIT Ride.

Solution: Download the most recent version of each of the apps that you use that is available in the app store. Please note that if you are running an outdated version of any of the three MotiFIT apps your membership may not appear as shared until you update.

MotiFIT Run is stuck on "Waiting for GPS Data" when I try to start a run on Apple Watch

Cause #1: You need to restart your Apple Watch after a major version update or settings change.

Solution: Restart your Apple Watch by pressing the button on the side of the Watch until the power off slider appears. Start your Apple Watch using the same button and begin your MotiFIT Run workout as usual.

Cause #2: You are trying to use the Apple Watch Series 1 in Active Mode to record your workout without a tethered iPhone.

Solution: The Apple Watch Series 1 does not support GPS functionalities. In order to record GPS information with an Apple Watch Series 1 you will have to bring your iPhone in order to use its GPS data.

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