MotiFIT Modes of Operation (ACTIVE / PASSIVE)

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MotiFIT on Apple Watch has two basic modes of operation (ACTIVE WATCH MODE and PASSIVE WATCH MODE).


MotiFIT enters ACTIVE WATCH MODE when the workout is started directly from the Apple Watch. In this mode, MotiFIT runs natively on Apple Watch and no connection to the host iPhone is required. The heart rate is read directly from the Apple Watch sensor.


OPTIONAL: It is also possible to pair an external Bluetooth heart rate monitor (Polar H7, Wahoo TICKR or Scosche Rhythm+) directly with your Apple Watch.  In this case, is recommended to turn off your iPhone's Bluetooth radio and then go to SETTINGS > BLUETOOTH on Apple Watch in order to pair the Bluetooth heart rate sensor with your Apple Watch.



Starting with MotiFIT app version 3.0.0, running on watchOS 3 and iOS 10, LIVE STREAMING of heart rate and other workout metrics from Apple Watch to iPhone is now supported.



On Apple Watch:

  1. Open the MotiFIT app.
  2. Tap on WORKOUT.
  3. Start your desired workout type.

On iPhone:

  1. Open the MotiFIT app.
  2. Tap on GREEN workout button at the Bottom.



  • Requires MotiFIT version 3.0.0 or above.
  • Requires watchOS 3 running on Apple Watch.
  • Requires iOS 10 running on iPhone.
  • Due to some technology limitations, this is not supported on watchOS 2 and iOS 9.



MotiFIT enters PASSIVE WATCH MODE when the workout is started on the iPhone. In this mode, an external bluetooth heart rate monitor like a Polar H7, Wahoo TICKR or Scosche Rhythm+ needs to be paired with your iPhone to provide MotiFIT with heart rate samples.

Your Apple Watch simply mirrors the information gathered by MotiFIT running on your iPhone in this mode.


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