Do workouts tracked with MotiFIT get counted in my Activity Rings?

Sylvio LeBlanc -


Starting with iOS 10, workouts started from MotiFIT on Apple Watch and on iPhone will count towards your activity rings.

To enable Activity Ring updates, please ensure that the Health Data sharing option is turned ON from the MORE TAB > DATA SHARING inside the iPhone app.



For workouts performed with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor (Chest Strap), MotiFIT calculates TOTAL calories burned for the workout.

You can choose to either save the TOTAL calories to the Apple Health and Activity apps or you can choose to only save the ACTIVE portion for the workout period.

ACTIVE Calories burned from the additional effort put during the workout
RESTING Calories burned by the body at rest.



  • On iOS 8 / iOS 9 Apple has decided that if a workout is started from an app like MotiFIT on your iPhone that it will NOT count towards your activity rings.


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    Brian Jones

    Is there any way to change the activity type after the fact? I accidentally started a running activity on my AppleWarch in the MotiFIT app when I was spinning. Since I didn't go anywhere the calories are significantly understated.

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