TOTAL vs ACTIVE Calories

Sylvio LeBlanc -

By default, most iPhone apps paired with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor report TOTAL (ACTIVE + RESTING) calories during a workout.  

By contrast, the first watchOS version reported ACTIVE calories by default.  For this reason, MotiFIT on Apple Watch reports ACTIVE calories by default.  This can be changed in the MotiFIT iPhone app.

On iPhone:

  • Open MotiFIT.
  • Tap on the MORE tab.
  • Tap on Apple Watch.
  • Change the Calories setting to TOTAL.

On iPhone, the app does all the calculations based on a formula using your weight, age, gender and AVG HR.

On Apple Watch, it's completely different.  The Apple Watch does all the calories calculations based on the personal information that you've entered in the Apple Watch utility app (black icon with sideways watch).  

To verify these settings, open the Apple Watch utility app on your iPhone and then tap on the "My Watch" tab.  You will find your personal info under the HEALTH section.

You might also want to confirm that MotiFIT has permission to read both your ACTIVE and RESTING calories within the HEALTH app on your iPhone.

On iPhone:

  • Open Health app.
  • Tap on the SOURCES tab.
  • Tap on MotiFIT.
  • Verify that MotiFIT has permission to read/write ACTIVE + RESTING calories.

If you feel like the reported calories are not as accurate as you would expect, you can refer to this article from Apple for some calibration details.

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