What is the difference between MotiFIT, MotiFIT Run and MotiFIT Ride?

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MotiFIT Run

MotiFIT Ride


Apple Health App Integration:

Saves your workout data to the Health app to keep all your statistics organized.

Distance Traveled:

Calculates your total distance traveled during your workout.

Apple Watch


GPS Route Tracking :

Tracks your route throughout your workout so you know where you’ve been.


Pace/ Speed Tracking:

Keeps track of your pace/speed throughout your workout.







Laps/ Splits:

Allows you to see your lap time as well as your split time.


GPX/ TCX Data Export:

Exports your data into other fitness platforms.


Manual Entries:

Manually enter your workout details after you’re done.

Music Player:

Built in music player lets you listen to your favorite songs on the go.

Voice Feedback:

Live voice feedback to help you train smarter.

Eye Catching Real Time Graphics

Great visual feedback.


Apple Watch App

Allows you to do workouts with the Apple Watch’s heart rate monitor.

Heart Rate Monitor

Connect a Bluetooth heart rate monitor to your phone or your Apple Watch.

Allows you to personalize your heart rate zones.



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