Can I adjust my burned calories or use a different formula?

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By default when you use a Bluetooth heart rate monitor our MotiFIT formula is used to calculate your caloric burn.

For more details about our calorie burn formula please visit the following site:


Apple Watch

When you use an Apple Watch, you have the option to use Apple's caloric burn estimates for each activity or our MotiFIT formula.  You can also choose ACTIVE or TOTAL calories.  These options are available under the MORE TAB > Apple Watch

Further adjustments to your calorie burn can be made by using our KCAL CORRECTION FACTOR option under the MORE TAB.

For example if you find that you should have burned 600 calories and the app only showed 500, you would do the following calculations to determine the desired KCAL CORRECTION FACTOR.

600 - 500 = 100

100 / 500 = 1 / 5 = 0.2 

0.2 * 100 = 20 %

This means that you want a 20 % increase and that you would adjust the KCAL CORRECTION FACTOR to 120 %.


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